High school students throughout Pennsylvania—nearly 14,000 of them in 2015-16—are saving money on their college education by participating in dual enrollment at Pennsylvania community colleges. And the savings just aren’t for high school students. In 2015-16, more than 34,000 community college students transferred to another college. Thanks to the high school dual enrollment program at Delaware County Community College, Monica McCarthy started at Drexel University in Fall 2016 having already completed 88 credits toward her general studies major and shaved a year off her course load at the university. Monica also saved money on college tuition and fees by completing college courses while still in high school. “I did not take the dual enrollment courses to save money,” she said. “But it ended up saving me a lot of money.” Her mother,Elizabeth McCarthy agreed.“For the time she put in,for the money we spent,the return was invaluable,”she said. If the Commonwealth would establish a program to cover the costs of tuition and fees (the largest expenses associated with dual enrollment) for students who are enrolled in approved dual enrollment programs at one of Pennsylvania’s 14 community colleges, more PA students could lighten their college debt load. Pennsylvania Highlands Community College graduate Carly Cernic is grateful for the 29 dual enrollment credits she earned while a student at Greater Johnstown High School (GJHS) - nearly a full year of college, for a fraction of the price. Educating College-Ready Students Entering into college with this amount of credits allowed Carly to finish her dual-major in less time than it takes most students to finish college with a single major. Specifically, in only three years, she graduated from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics. While some students can accrue a sizeable student loan debt from post-secondary education, three years after graduating from high school, Carly has a bachelor’s degree, a salaried position with benefits, and minimal student loan debt. The dual enrollment program offered her a path to success at an early stage in her education and career.