students from every county Enrolled in 2015-16 • 188,683 for-credit students • 138,103 non-credit students • Nearly 14,000 high school students in dual enrollment or college in the high school Total awards conferred to first-time, full-time students (2015-16) • 7.1% increase over prior year • From 2006-07 to 2015-16, community colleges granted more than 158,000 awards credit programs offered (2014-15) transfer and articulation agreements with 4-year PA schools (2017) • More than 34,000 community college students transferred to another college - 81% of them transferred to Pennsylvania colleges or universities (2015-16) • The Reverse Transfer agreement,established with PASSHE in 2016, allows PASSHE students who transferred without an associate’s degree to receive a degree from their community college of record individuals The colleges employ statewide State support: • Commonwealth funding for community colleges averaged $2,671 per student, compared to $3,352 per student at state-related universities, $4,548 per student at state system universities, and $12,023 per student at other publicly-supported institutions of higher education (2016-2017) • Average tuition at PA’s community colleges is $3,070 per year – nearly half that of other public postsecondary options • On average, the state provides 18% of the funding for community college operating budgets Workforce Training: • Provided more than $10 million in customized training for 18,320 workers through the WEDNetPA program (FY2015-16) • Statewide, colleges trained more than 48,000 workers and served more than 1,100 companies • Provided fire, EMS, rescue or hazardous materials training amounting to more than 90,000 student registrations (2015-16) 327,000 17,213 25,000+ Collectively, community colleges are the largest public provider of higher education in PENNSYLVANIA Quick Facts about Pennsylvania’s community colleges 1,381 2,812