The Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)’s Nursing program, one of the college’s most popular and competitive programs, provides registered nurse graduates with the skills they need to work in the Pittsburgh region. The Allegheny Conference on Community Development lists healthcare as a high-demand occupational sector in its recent report, Inflection Point: Supply, Demand and the Future of Work in the Pittsburgh Region. According to the report, the median salary for registered nurses is $61,220 with projected growth for individuals entering this field expected to be 13 percent between 2015–2025. This growth parallels the demand for registered nurses across the state in the same time period. The field of nursing has several career pathways students may pursue - additional diplomas and certifications allow nurses many opportunities to further their careers. This makes the profession particularly appealing to those just starting out, including CCAC’s Jamal Walker. He knew Providing In-Demand Registered Nurse Graduates what he wanted to do after high school graduation: to become a nurse. It seemed the most natural path to take. And so, too, did his choice of CCAC. As an honor-roll student throughout high school, Jamal took college-level classes through CCAC’s Dual Enrollment program. In 2012, Jamal graduated from CCAC with two degrees - an Associate of Science in both General Studies and Nursing.Today, he works as a nurse in Mercy Hospital’s Cardiac and Thoracic Unit,where his friendly bedside manner has proven to be a comfort to both patients and their loved ones.