Who We Are

The Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges is a nonprofit, volunteer membership association and the primary advocate for Pennsylvania’s 14 community colleges. Members include the college presidents, members of the colleges’ boards of trustees and key college administrators. The Commission provides leadership on issues affecting the colleges and represents the collective needs, vision and values of the colleges to state and federal policymakers.

The Commission also assists the colleges in developing positions on their areas of concern, acts as a liaison and facilitator to share information, and coordinates data collection on a statewide level to support the colleges’ advocacy efforts.

Our Mission
Our Vision

Our Mission

The Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges is a nonprofit organization whose primary purpose is to advance the interests of Pennsylvania’s community colleges. The Commission advocates the vision and values of the Commonwealth’s community colleges with one, unified voice by:

  • Leading proactively in matters of higher education policy throughout the Commonwealth;
  • Advocating proactively for the needs and positions of the colleges;
  • Communicating quality achievements and data with policymakers, the media and other key audiences;
  • Promoting effective transfer and articulation agreements with other higher education sectors;
  • Partnering and leading statewide workforce enhancement efforts;
  • Creating and sustaining relationships with internal and external audiences and partners;
  • Advancing student success, access and affordability;
  • Enhancing opportunities for community college students; and
  • Facilitating the exchange of information among the colleges and their various staff organizations.

Our Vision

The vision of Pennsylvania’s 14 community colleges is to increase the workforce readiness skills and educational attainment level of Pennsylvanians to create a productive workforce and vibrant economy.

Pennsylvania’s community colleges embrace the comprehensive mission of what it means to be a community college: to provide high-quality, affordable and accessible higher education and workforce training. The colleges assert their values as:

  • Access and opportunity for all – academically, financially, geographically;
  • Respect for our students and their immense potential;
  • Student-centered institutions;
  • High outcome expectations for our individual institutions and the collective of our community colleges;
  • Responsiveness to our individual community needs as well as statewide priorities;
  • Flexibility and innovation in responding to the educational needs of all; and
  • Respect for the diversity within and among our community colleges.

Staff Members

Elizabeth Bolden
Jonathan Derr
Jonathan Derr
Director of Research
Carolyn Simpson
Carolyn Simpson
Director of Communications
Lil Nesbit
Lil Nesbit
Executive Assistant to the President/CEO