Who We Are

The Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges is a nonprofit, volunteer membership association and the primary advocate for Pennsylvania’s 15 community colleges. Members include the college presidents, members of the colleges’ boards of trustees and key college administrators. The Commission provides leadership on issues affecting the colleges and represents the collective needs, vision and values of the colleges to state and federal policymakers.

The Commission also assists the colleges in developing positions on their areas of concern, acts as a liaison and facilitator to share information, and coordinates data collection on a statewide level to support the colleges’ advocacy efforts.

Our Mission
Our Vision

Our Mission

The Commission supports and advances the common higher education agenda of its community college membership through comprehensive advocacy, research, collaboration, and public relations programs and strategies.

Our Vision

The Commission will become a recognized authority on advancing education, economic development, workforce, and quality of life initiatives throughout the Commonwealth.

Staff Members

Dr. Stan Sidor
Lil Nesbit
Executive Assistant to the President/CEO