At our 2021 Annual Meeting during Community College Month on Monday, April 19, Dr. Nathan Grawe, author of Demographics and the Demand for Higher Education and The Agile College, reviewed recent demographic trends and their implications for higher education during an interactive session. He also shared how proactive institutions are attacking demographic challenges through initiatives in recruitment, retention, academic programming, and consortial collaboration.

A copy of Dr. Grawe’s slides are available here.

Dr. Nathan Grawe is the Ada M. Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professor of the Social Sciences and Professor of Economics at Carleton College. He is a labor economist whose work examines intergenerational connections with education and labor market outcomes. Nathan’s book, Demographics and The Demand for Higher Education examines how recent demographic shifts are likely to affect demand for higher education. In a follow-up project, The Agile College, Nathan draws on interviews with higher education leaders to provide examples of how proactive institutions are grappling with demographic change.